Norwegian Figurines
Catalog # Description Price Picture
#FIG754810B Boy w/leg up
striped shirt; baseball cap
(not wearing stocking cap)
(figure on right n/a)
25.00 fig754360xb and fig754360xe sitting on bench
#FIG754360XC Girl with silver present
(figure on left)
(figure on right n/a)
25.00 fig754360xc and fig754360xd sitting on bench
#FIG754810C Girl in striped pinafore; knitting
(same pose as on left)
#FIG754360XF Girl with wrapping paper
25.00 fig754360xf and fig754360xg sitting on bench
#FIG754810F Girl in pinafore;
holding white bag
(same pose as above)
#FIG754360XG Boy with candy cane;
in stocking cap
#FIG754810G Boy with candy cane
25.00 fig754810g sitting on bench
#BENCH01 small green bench 9.00  
#BENCH02 small red bench 9.00  
#BENCH03 large green bench 13.00  
#BENCH04 large red bench 13.00  

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